February update!

Dear gamers!

Since our update last month, news came in that the vaccinations have finally started.
Every passing day, we get a little bit closer to being able to enjoy mundane every day things.

Hell, we might even be able to get a haircut in the foreseeable future!

Since the possibility of events being able to happen late this year, is looking very realistic, we thought it’s time to inform you of the new date of Towerlan V3.

Assuming the third time’s the charm, we’ll be welcoming you to our third edition during the weekend of the 12th of november!

Those of you who are still registered, will obviously still have their spot at this now already, memorable edition. You will be getting an e-mail soon to confirm this, so stay tuned!
Registrations have not been opened yet, since we’re obviously still keeping an eye on how the overall numbers of this pandemic evolve. Once things are looking up a bit more, we’ll inform you when you can start registering.

Till then, stay safe! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them through Facebook, or connect with us on Discord.

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