Towerlan v3 getting to its end

Towerlan v3 is and was sentiment-wise a great way to be back after turbulent years! However less than half of the registered gamers showed up, but we feel we made massive progress in organizing our lan party. Financially the low attendance is pretty rough on us because of the low consumption rate. Additionally, most of our tournaments were cancelled due not having enough teams. We were only able to host the finale for our CS:GO compo. Because we removed the cash prizes from the prize pool, obviously we will send off our winners and runners up with more prizes that were announced. Stay tuned for more pictures about that.

Our big winners this lan party were the spaghetti, only sold out item at our bar :), and the VR Base Arena. We were able to enjoy custom co-op and team deathmatch VR games, this was our big star at this years edition. Stay also tuned for many pictures and video’s about that! And a very big shout out to the Red Bull wings team, thank you girls for crashing our party with your free Red Bulls!

The next few days we’ll do a recap update as well as some giveaways to a few attendees of the party.

Stay tuned!

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