Tournaments info available!

Towerlan CS:GO 5v5 Tournament:

1st place: TBD + 5x €25 Gamegear voucher + (min) 250 euro cash*
2nd place: TBD + (min) 125 euro cash*
3rd place: TBD + 1st visit to prize table

Noctua Rocket League 3v3 Tournament:

1st place:  3x Noctua NH-U12A
2nd place: TBD + (min) 75 euro cash*
3rd place: TBD + 2nd visit to prize table

Towerlan Rocket League 1v1 Tournament:

1st place: TBD
2nd place: TBD
3rd place: TBD + 3rd visit to prize table

Towerlan TrackMania Nations Forever Tournament:

1st place: Silverstone ARM23BS
2nd place: TBD + 6th visit to prize table
3rd place: TBD + 7th visit to prize table

More compo information coming soon!

* Cash prizes increase when more registrations and sponsors come in.
** All tournament details, formats, prizes or anything else can be subject to change until 48h before the lan. Of course we'll do our best only to improve the compo's and prizes once we publish any data!