COVID-19 measures

  • Sleeping zone has been moved to an adjacent building, The Club, where everyone can enjoy some sleep in their own bubble zone.
  • Corona measures will be visible on posters, website, discord channel and in the pre-lan info mail. We are counting on your cooperation by following the rules, we don’t want to close down the event for rules not being followed. The most important ones:
    • Face mask is mandatory in the whole venue, except at your table if nobody is closer than 1.5m.
    • Drinks and snacks must be ordered online, and can be collected at a drop-off table. No drinking or orders at the bar itself.
    • Breakfast won’t be a buffet anymore, we will arrange a breakfast package for you with our fresh products.
    • Whenever closer than 1.5m with anyone outside your bubble, in- or outside the venue, wearing your face mask is mandatory.
    • Always follow the right walking order marked on the floor. At the entrance, bar and some other places we will mark queues as well. Keep your distance please.
    • We will provide some hand sanitizing gel around the venue. You’ll also be able to buy a face mask online.
    • Please be prepared and bring face masks and hand gel/spray.
    • High touch surfaces and the bathrooms will be sanitized regularly, please keep it clean yourself as well. Close the lid of the toilet when flushing, wash your hands.
  • Visitors are allowed, but need to register just as the gamers. The entry fee per day is buying 10 euro credits. Visitors can enter the building (only the gaming area) between 8h until 22h.
  • Bar closes at 1h (Corona measure) and opens at 8h.

During Towerlan, you’ll find the signs below around the venue, we hope you guys will respect the indicated regulations, so we can make this another LAN for the history books!

To conform with current guidelines, we’ve also implemented a plan to provide you guys with walking lines, in order to limit the risk of exposure to this naughty virus. We hope you guys respect these.