• Q: I selected offline payments, but did not receive any payment details.
    A: We have some known issues delivering mail to hotmail/outlook, this is being checked. Please transfer the money to BE64 9731 7706 5652 (Towerlan) and mention your nickname. You can also transfer money with paypal to [email protected], please also don’t forget to mention your nickname.
  • Q: I want to buy multiple tickets/I get the message “Submission limit reached’
    A: You can only buy 1 ticket per account. Each person joining needs to register individually. Please don’t create more than one account if you’re unable to login, just contact us.
  • Q: I want to reserve seats for my other clan members
    A: If your clan will join with more than 4 members, we can temporarily reserve the seats for your clan, please contact us on discord/facebook or drop a mail!
  • Q: I’ve bought a ticket, but am not able to attend the LAN party!
    A: No problem, we can refund your ticket up to 2 weeks prior to the LAN party, please contact us on discord or drop a mail
  • Q: I cannot login, I get “Username does not exist”
    A: Please login with your e-mailaddress. If you still face issues, contact us on discord/facebook or via e-mail
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