The rules of engagement

  • Use common sense.
  • Be nice, to everyone, even in the morning.
  • Gamers are 18+ of age.
  • You break it, you pay it.
  • You make a mess, you clean it.
  • All trash goes in the right trash bags.
  • Keep the toilets clean. Only use toilet paper in the stalls.
  • Cheaters get kicked out, campers get punished in game.
  • Don’t use speakers, use your headset.
  • The area’s marked with the “don’t enter” sign, are off limits.
  • After 22h, don’t make noise outside. And shout quietly.
  • You can (un)load your car on the courtyard, please park it on the street afterwards.
  • Saturday between 12h and 18h, all cars need to be removed from the courtyard (which is in use by a youth movement).
  • The TowerLan organization is not accountable for accidents, theft, epic burns or pregnancies.
  • Decisions of the TowerLan organization are final, and can’t be disputed.
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