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What do we provide?

  • A stable network with internet connectivity.
  • Network connection within 10 meters.
  • Wifi for mobile use.
  • Dedicated game servers.
  • Steam cache server.
  • Discord server for all communications.
  • Streamed compo’s with prizes, managed via Toornament.
  • Bar with local beers and snacks.
  • Ability to order drinks via Discord bot.
  • Pay consumption credits PayPal or Maestro.
  • A comfortable desk with chair.
  • Possibility to rent a Speedseat.
  • Sleeping area (free).
  • Breakfast (€ 7 for Saturday and Sunday).
  • Big parking lot (free!!).

More to be announced soon! Bold items are latest updates!

What do you bring?

  • Desktop with 1 monitor OR Laptop OR Console.
  • All your peripherals (but please no printers/scanners/speakers).
  • Splitter plug (verdeelstekker nvdr) without switch/button!
  • Headset (no speakers allowed).
  • UTP cable of at least 10 meters.
  • Chair (if pleased, we do provide simple chairs).
  • Sleeping gear (mattress/bed, pillow, blanket/sleeping bag,…).
  • Fresh clothes.
  • Deodorant and toothbrush/toothpaste (you’ll need it).
  • Cash if you want to order food and/or to pay for your speedseat.
  • Anything else you need for a weekend of hardcore gaming.

The Rules of Engagement:

  • Use common sense.
  • Be nice, to everyone, even in the morning.
  • Gamers are 16+ of age or accompanied by a (responsible) adult.
  • Visitors are welcome, but will have to buy at least 10 Towerlan consumption credits per visit. Visitors are not allowed to spend the night, and will be asked to leave TowerLan between 04h and 08h.
  • Don’t bring alcoholic beverages, we have a bar for that!
  • You break it, you pay it.
  • You make a mess, you clean it.
  • All trash goes in the right trash bags.
  • Keep the toilets clean. Only use toilet paper in the stalls.
  • Cheaters get kicked out, campers get punished in-game.
  • Nagging and shouting in the case of (technical) issues doesn’t speed up the actions by the Tech crew. Being supportive by bringing them a few beers does.
  • Don’t use speakers, use your headset.
  • The area’s marked with the “don’t enter” sign, are off limits.
  • After 22h, don’t make noise outside. And shout quietly.
  • There’s a parking lot at the venue, park where you allowed to park. Don’t drink and drive!
  • Smoking is prohibited in the building. You can smoke on the terrace at the back of the building (follow the signs), or outside. Use the ashtrays!
  • Up to four weeks prior the event, you can cancel your registration and get a refund. After Oct. 22, 2021 midnight, we can’t offer you a refund.
  • The TowerLan organization is not accountable for accidents, theft, epic burns or pregnancies.
  • Decisions of the TowerLan organization are final, and can’t be disputed.

Price List Bar: